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Unlike other EMF protection devices, Intrinity Plus is worn on your body for maximum protection. It protects you not only from your own EMF and RF emitting devices, but from all sources of radiation that you may contact or be surrounded by.

All of us are experiencing ever increasing levels of electromagnetic field (EMF) exposure, much more than any time in recorded history. There are over 2000 scientific studies documenting the negative health effects of EMFs. The World Health organization has declared EMFs a Class 2-B carcinogen (the same category as DDT, lead and chloroform).The  second largest insurance provider in the world, Swiss RE, refuses to insure against damage from EMF devices.

Intrinity Pluse Quantum Infused EMF protection that you wear, giving you maximum protection no matter what electronic devices are around you! From cell phones to wifi to smart meters and more, we are all being bombarded with EMF (Electro-magnetic frequencies). There is ample evidence to suggest that these frequencies have a negative effects on humans and other living things. This elegant sacred geometry art piece is hand-made of solid sterling silver and comes in three size.

The Intrinity Plus has been independently tested and it works! To learn more about it, you can go here: