Does Milk Do The Body Good? Mark McAfee Tells the Raw Story!

 National milk advertising campaigns like “Milk Does The Body Good” and “Got Milk?” and governmental agencies have lauded the benefits of conventional pasteurized industrial milk, but many are rejecting this advice as their bodies are rejecting the milk. Why do so many people have milk allergies? Why are many people turning to alternative milks like almond, soy, coconut or hemp? Could it be that our body doesn’t lie and that the reason our body is rejecting this “supposedly” healthy substance is that pasteurized milk is not as healthy as advertised.

Mark McAfee, CEO and Founder of Organic Pastures, which is the largest raw milk dairy in the United States, spoke with us about the health benefits of raw milk. He explains the history of dairy farming and the reasons why milk went from being a healthy living substance to a dead pasteurized product that is the most allergenic food in America. McAfee explains how in Europe raw milk and whole foods are used to promote good health and prevent disease. Whereas, in the United States, the prescription for good health entails going to the doctor and taking a pill for whatever ails us. He further shares the nutritional value of drinking clean, raw milk and the many health benefits, including having healthy gut bacteria and immunity to many diseases.

If the FDA, CDC and the milk processors had their way, no one would be drinking raw milk. Why is that? It certainly isn’t because it is dangerous or hazardous to your health. In fact, no one has died from drinking raw milk since 1973. McAfee states that contrary to what these organizations claim, raw milk is one of the healthiest substances you can put in your body! So why won’t the FDA allow raw milk producers to cross state lines with their product–even if the state they are crossing into allows the sale of raw milk? The answer is simple, corruption and greed!

McAfee also discusses almonds, which he grows on his farm. Do you know if the almonds you buy are truly “raw” almonds? They may not be. Pasteurization and irradiation is a wide-spread practice for almond growers. Since truth in labeling and transparency doesn’t seen to be a major priority with many of our big food growers, Mark suggests that you call your farmer and be your own food safety consultant.

McAfee’s is passionate about dairy farming and passionate about the many health benefits of drinking raw milk and eating a real food diet! To learn more, click on the link below to listen to this educational and compelling interview:

Show Notes:
Organic Pastures
Raw Milk Institute
Weston A. Price Foundation
Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund
Real Milk 

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  1. The American Academy of Pediatrics had some serious reservations about giving raw milk to infants and children as recently as 10 years ago..have those concerns disappeared? Or are we just ignoring them in order to be “organically” correct?

    1. Know your farmer ( raw milk dairy) I went up to a Diary farm, and asked the farm if a women were Pregnant and consuming Raw Milk! I also asked if they were giving children 2- years and up Raw milk with any health issues! The farm told me, we have several dozens of women that are pregnant and who have very young children on Raw milk. He told me you must know your source ! ” we test our milk several times a week if we have a certain level of bad bacteria in the milk we test it again! Most of the time the second test within a few hours or during that day, comes back good! “We have only had one bad second test in the last 10 years and we chose not to sell the milk.”

  2. I want raw milk! It seems that GMO’s are in so much of what stores sell us, it’s no wonder we are sick and getting sicker. I agree that the average doctor is not going to fix the problems today. Good article.

  3. Thank You Carol!!

    Teaching….teaching…teaching is the only way i know to get back to personal responsibility, health and food…drugs are toxic. Whole, bio-diverse, enzyme rich, full fat ( good fats ) unprocessed food is the basis of all health. It is good to be good to your GUT!!

    Mark McAfee

  4. What needs to be avoided is drinking raw milk from cows infected with, for example, brucella. This involves regular testing for the various diseases a cow can pick up that infect their milk. So long as this is done, it is clear that raw milk is far superior to the dead stuff one finds in the stores. I’m not sure raw milk dairy farmers in the US are aware of the risks, and are taking appropriate action to prevent infections being passed to humans. If this is the case, then people can get sick with dangerous diseases and not know about or suspect infected milk, which can lead to delays that may result in permanent injuries.

    Pasteurization goes back to Louis Pasteur, who discovered microorganisms in milk that were wreaking havoc among the people, particularly the children. His process eliminated these diseases, although it also eliminated important nutrients from the milk.

    I mention brucella because I experienced an infection while in Mexico, and it was quite an ordeal. It is unknown in this country due to pasteurization, and so when I returned to get treatment for whatever was wrong with me, the doctor ignored the Mexican doctor’s brucella diagnosis, and spent three days running every test he could think of as I lay in bed in the hospital. In retrospect, I should have stayed in Mexico where they know how to treat it.

    Brucella is a general feeder, and can cause paralysis, blindness, organ failure and so on if untreated, and is very dangerous for infants in particular. So if people are going to be drinking raw milk, it is imperative that this and other bovine diseases are accounted for at the source, that is, the cow. These diseases are unknown in the US because of pasteurization, and that is why federal agents have been raiding raw milk producers. Of course, this is over the top, even unamerican, and needs to be handled differently, such as requiring regular testing of dairy cows.

    Any article promoting raw milk should address this issue. Not to do so is to deny vital information to parents and children that will put them at risk.

  5. Ms. Grieve,
    I would highly disagree to most of your article. I’m not quite sure where you found your information, but this is a highly irrational take on a very complex issue. I would hope you would find and delve into a more detailed look out our nation’s food supply, milk, the natural process of milk “allergies” and the real statistics on people who become sick from raw milk.
    I’m not saying that people can’t drink it, but it is certainly not for everyone and is not 100% safe to serve to the public.

  6. Cows milk is for calves only. People have to understand this. Pasteurised or raw it is still unnatural to drink other species milk and even more unnatural is it to drink it at as an adult.

  7. Raw milk is available from 400 stores in CA. A quick google will tell you where including several in Marin county. Go to and put in your zip code….10 of the closest stores will pop up.

    Those that say that raw milk is for calves….have studied human history for the last 30,000 years. UC Davis Milk Genomics researchers tell us that raw milk and its products basically saved humans on most of the planet from starvation. Genetic DNA research shows this clearly. Take away all of the supermarkets…..and you will beg for a goat, cow or sheep and some grass to feed it…the alternative was extinction.

    As far as safety is concerned, RAWMILK if done properly and tested, is classified by EU QMRA’s as being among the safe or very safe foods. The FDA is so corrupt….they even deny EU QMRA’S ( the gold standard for food risk assessment ) when the results don’t meet their screwed up priorities and Food Inc needs.

    What sane mom would ever feed her kids the most allergenic food in America when raw milk is non allergenic and arguably the best gut food on earth ?? Breast milk is raw milk!!


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