Real Dirt: Confessions of a Reforming Industrial Farmer

 Real Dirt: Confessions of a Reforming Industrial Farmer is the first book to tackle the choices from the perspective of a farmer who has been both a conventional farmer and a certified organic farmer. It is an exploration of the decisions and issues faced by Harry Stoddart as he transformed his farm from a conventional cash crop and confinement hog operation into a certified organic, grass-fed beef and lamb, and pasture pork and poultry farm. Stoddart discusses his journey away from conventional farming, where he used genetically modified organisms, resistance building doses of antibiotics, pesticides and confinement animal housing. He explains how he gradually transitioned his practices to certified organic and then moved beyond organic to a system he believes provides a starting point for sustainable agriculture. He now subscribes to the sustainable farming methods created by Joel Salatin. He pulls back the drapes on an industry clouded by myth, stereotype and empty rhetoric. Harry reveals that one of the reasons he wrote this book was to create a conversation between the conventional farmer and the organic farmer. He is a proponent of consumer involvement with their farmer and challenges eaters to choose a sustainable future for their children and grandchildren.

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The Book: Real Dirt: Confessions of a Reforming Industrial Farmer

Stoddart Family Farm

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