Regulating GMOs Fails Again

On Saturday, May 16, we received word from the USDA about a ruling on the regulating of GMOs. Unfortunately, regulating of GMOs fails again. This ruling is beyond insane and allows GMO makers to profit even more by the poisoning of our food, water and planet.

One of the points in this ruling actually says that we, the consumers, will pay the price for GMO cross-contamination of organic foods–no liability for the GMO farmer. There is zero consideration for our organic farmers and yet the GMO farmers are subsidized by our tax dollars. This ruling is actually a gift to private corporatons that make the GMO seeds which are mostly chemical corporations. This makes no sense nor does the fact that these chemical companies are making our food. Think about it?

GMO corn

We spoke today with Zen Honeycutt, Founding Executive Director of Moms Across America, about what the ruling actually means. She and others have reviewed the document and shares with us 13 points that are critical to understand. One of the points involves CRISPR technology which has to do with RNA editing and how the lack of regulation on this untested and dangerous technology may affect generations to come.

CRISPR Technology

Many of us have been working on educating the public about the dangers of GMOs, and their chemical counterparts for a couple of decades and this news comes as quit a blow to all of us. That being said, we are not giving up and will continue to educate the people about what has happened with our food supply and offer advise as to what we can do about it. We strongly suggest that you start growing your own food if you can.

We are Unstoppable

Please listen to this important information and share with others. We know the government agencies like the USDA, FDA and EPA are corrupt and that the corporations through their lobbying and greed, write the policies. These policies of “profit over people” will not stop us from sharing this important information, buying organic, supporting our local organic farmers and growing organic food. Please continue sharing this information and just know that there will always be a way to feed your family food that nourishes your body and soul.

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