RFK, Jr. and Others: GMOs, the Environment and Our Future

GMOs and our future? That is the big question. Food Integrity Now attended the National Heirloom Expo in Santa Rosa last week and found out more about where we are headed if we don’t change things now. We need all hands on deck!

The leading experts in the world attended this event, including Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and Food Integrity Now was there to capture it for you. This information is so important so that we can create a future where our food isn’t poison.

This first video is of Robert F. Kennedy’s keynote talk on RoundUp, the environment, Waterkeepers, and Monsanto. You are going to want to hear what he has to say and you might want to put your headphones on:

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

We are Monsanto’s worst enemy!

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

We are Monsanto’s worst enemy!

The next five panelist are the leading experts on GMOs and Glyphosate. They include Zen Honeycutt of Moms Across America, Jeffrey Smith of Institute for Responsible Technology, Rachel Parent of Kids Right to Know and Pamm Larry of GMO Free USA, and moderator, Ronnie Cummins of Organic Consumers Association. They gave an excellent discussion of where we are now with GMOs, glyphosate, The Impossible Burger and CRISPR technology and gene editing. This information is the latest and so valuable!

Zen Honeycutt, Jeffrey Smith, Rachel Parent, Pamm Larry, Ronnie Cummins

One of the big topic of discussion is the “Impossible Burger.” Listen to what Pamm Larry of GMO Free USA has to say about the Impossible Burger and how you may be able to help with getting it off the market before it is too late. Please share this information.

This event is our favorite event of the year and it did not disappoint this year.

Squash Exhibit
Leslie Goldman, Gerre Jettle of Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds, Bob Quinn, Carol Grieve’
Carol Grieve’ and Bobby Kennedy
Hall of Flower Display of Heirloom Vegetables

The Heirloom Expo sponsored by Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds gives us hope for our future and if we all do our part, we can have a world with cleaner food and a healthier environment to pass down to our grandchildren!

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  1. I consider myself to be blessed to live in Sonoma County. I spent summers and weekends on my grandparents’ farm outside of Philly in the 50’s. It was a small, family farm; they were Mennonites and used traditional agricultural practices. The area was surrounded by many 100-300 acre farms. They are GONE! The suburbs came out and swallowed them. That is why I fell such an affinity to this area. People here CARE about the environment. (To avoid controversy, I won’t talk about vineyards.) The VAST majority of our local milk is organic. In the western part of the county we have cattle grazing on the hillsides. So many people are against eating beef because of the inhumane way of industrial farming and ranching. MASSIVE feedlots using GMO corn. I will not eat that frankenbeef. In these coastal prairies, grazing is the HIGHEST use; greenhouse gasses are actually CAPTURED by this process. And the beef is delicious.

    I digress. Where else could you hold this incredible festival dedicated to heirloom foods. Then on top of that, showing the world how regenerative agriculture can REVERSE years of harmful practices. Talking with the vendors was incredible. I learned so much about processes to improve the soil using natural methods. I have been following Ronnie Cummins and the OCA for many years, and found his panel to be excellent. What also really made me think that we MIGHT have a chance to survive this age of corporate pillaging; I saw and spoke with MANY YOUNG farmers and ranchers. They CARE about the land, our food and our future.

    It all comes down to US! Unfortunately, for the most part, this Expo was preaching to the choir. We MUST educate the public to the DANGERS of what we are consuming. I have found that it’s hard to convince many people that they are eating poison. “The government wouldn’t allow that!” SO, I try to bring the discussion to monarch butterflies and their disappearance. Many CAN relate to this. When the populace in general wants healthy food and a healthy environment, we’ll get it.

    Like I started out, WHY would I want to live anywhere else? THANK ALL OF YOU who put on this incredible and informative expo. See you next year.

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