Sally Fallon and Liz Reitzig on the release of Farmageddon – E46

SWAT type raids with guns aimed at unarmed families on small dairy farms? Confiscation of product and equipment with no proof of contamination, and no compensation for damage and loss? Is it because these dairy farms are just covers for drug operations or weapons stockpiling? Nope. They only produce raw milk. Uh-huh, a food that humanity has been consuming for hundreds of years before pasturization. Whoa now! better bring in the guns, this is dangerous! Or…could it be dangerous to one of the mythologies that industrialized large scale food production is built on? It’s the idea that food in it’s natural state is poisonous, and we must be protected from it. What if more people started drinking raw milk and experienced the health benefits? What, then, might happen to factory style dairy operations? Hmmmm.

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