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Forest Shomer was saving seeds before many of us were even born! Shomer was a student in Berkley in the late 60’s and became involved in the ecology movement. From there, his passion lead him to become a student of the land and ultimately learn about seeds and seed saving.

Over the next 40 years, Shomer spent his time studying, learning and hand-collecting native seeds. He founded Abundant Life Seed Foundation, which was the first full-service bioregional seed source in America and is the current sole owner of Inside Passage Seeds. He has conducted over 200 seed workshops since 1974 and was the Keynote speaker at the Northwest Permaculture Convergence in October 2012.

 In this interview, Shomer talked with us about seeds and the differences between Organic, Hybrid, Heirloom/Heritage seeds. He also discussed the importance of seed saving and offered us information on how to save seeds.

Shomer lives part of the year on the Island of Kauai. When asked about the community activism in Hawaii, Forest shares how active and concerned people are about the chemical degradation of the soil, including the use of the chemical Atrazine (which is banned in Europe), the pollution of the island’s water supply, the contamination of the food supplies by GMO pollens and the erosion of the island due to the damage caused to their coral reefs.

Shomer’s passion for the planet and loving demeanor is refreshing during these tumultuous times. His integrous and solution-based approach to creating a healthier planet is not only educational but inspirational.

To listen to this informative interview with Forest Shomer, click on the podcast link below:

Show Notes:
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Documentary – A Silent Forest

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