Seralini Study Republished: GMOs and Roundup Cause Serious Health Issues

 Food Integrity Now spoke with Prof.  Gilles-Eric Séralini, Professor of Molecular Biology at the University of Caen, and the President of its scientific council of CRIIGEN (Committee For Research and Independent Information for Genetic Engineering). He was the team leader on the longest and most thorough study carried out on GMOs and RoundUp.

In September of 2011, Séralini and his team from the University of Cain, published the first long-term study on the effects of GMOs and Roundup on rats. This study’s conclusion was that GMOs and RoundUp causes serious health issues and even cancer. Photographs of the rats with tumors were seen all over the world and the study was the most widely viewed study in the history of science–with millions of people viewing it.

In November 2013, the study was retracted by the editor in chief of Food and Chemical Toxicology (FCT) after much pressure and lobbying from pro-GMO scientists. 

On Tuesday, June 24, 2014, the research team of Prof. Séralini announced that they have republished the study in the Journal “Environmental Sciences Europe”, published by the Springer Group. They choose this publication because it is open sourced and can be viewed by anyone.  When I asked Séralini why open source, he responded:

“It is my role as a scientist to make it available to everyone. It is a matter of public health.”

Prof. Séralini spoke with us about the details of the republished papers which include extra material addressing criticisms of the original publication. The study is also accompanied by a separate commentary by Séralini‘s team describing the lobbying efforts of GMO crop supporters to force the editor of FCT to retract the original publication.”  Séralini said:

“This study has now been successful in three rounds of rigorous peer review.”

To listen to details of this exciting news and our conversation with Prof. Séralini, click on the link below:

Show Notes

Republished Study
Press Release

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  1. The life of this study is so awesome for all scientists because so many have been ruined by the likes of Monsanto. I’m so happy to see Seralini’ peers have vindicated his research. As a layperson I never had a doubt. Good to see you here and keep up the good work…we really need it. If I have to boycott one more company I may starve to death! Really though my daughter has a little garden producing quite a lot and I shop at the farmer’s market.

  2. I wish you would not force people to like/subscribe to a post to share. I don’t need more subscriptions. But I DO think I should pass on info you share regarding hazards of GMO’s.

  3. This is big news and your post was my first alert to this important development. It is a victory not only for those seeking credible GMO information, but also those who support scientific reporting of the truth as it is revealed. There is also a teaching here for consumers and corporate producers alike, for in the final analysis, we are brothers and sisters on the same life support vessel.

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