• Beyond BPA: Is There Any Safe Plastic?
    Did you know that under U.S. law, chemicals are presumed safe until proven otherwise, and companies are rarely required to collect or disclose chemical safety data?  Food Integrity Now spoke with Mariah Blake, a reporter for Mother Jones’ Washington, D.C. office, about her recent article in...
  • Study shows most plastics (even BPA-free), leach hormone-like chemicals

     Think your BPA-free plastic water bottle is safe? A study in Environmental Health Perspectives shows that most of today’s plastics are still leaching hormone-like chemicals.

    Just a few years ago, BPA was all over the news because it was revealed that the chemical mimics estrogen. Many plastic food containers contained BPA in the formulation, and studies showed this chemical leached into the contents over time. Companies rushed to replace their plastic formulations with new chemicals, many them with lesser-known effects.

    It is still unknown the effects of these small amounts of estrogen-like chemicals on the human body, as most tests have been done on mice and lab rats. The study does not look into this, but focuses on revealing their presence in the products we purchase.

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