• Linoleic Acid: A Toxin Lurking in Your Food
    Fats are the primary building block of your cell membranes. This is one of the reasons why eating the right types of fat is so important for your health and longevity. In this article we will discuss why Linoleic Acid is a toxin lurking in your food. And, the problem is that it is in so much of ...
  • Does Your Farmed Salmon Contain This Chemical?
    Food Integrity Now’s mission is to provide powerful and accurate information about food, health and wellness to assist humanity to make wise choices in creating fantastic health and a joy-filled life. Many are buying farmed fish thinking that they are helping the environment and helping to reple...
  • 12 Steps To Create Better Health
    Navigating your way through all the information to create better health can sometimes be daunting and confusing. There is so much information available from many different sources on how to create better health but is it accurate and will it work for you? That is the big question! I am offering ...

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