• Nutrition Support Group – Creating Ultimate Wellness
    I am excited you are here! I am offering a nutrition support group with coaching via Zoom two times a month. We live in a world where having a healthy gut and brain is essential for a great quality of life–and for most it can be achieved through diet and lifestyle. The science of nutrition i...
  • When Disaster Strikes with Author, Matthew Stein – E64

     Every time a disaster strikes, you see pictures of people walking down the road. Usually they are thirsty and hungry. Often they are cold, wet, injured, and sick. Before a disaster struck close to home, every one of these people thought that disasters were something that happened to other people in other places. Author, green builder and MIT engineer, Matthew Stein discusses his newest book, “When Disaster Strikes: A Comprehensive Guide to Emergency Planning and Crisis Survival”, which was released in November to rave reviews!

  • Food Integrity Now – E29 – Mat Stein – When Technology Fails
    We had so much fun with Mat Stein the first time, we had to have to him on again! Author of When Technology Fails, Mat discusses methods for producing your own food that work in harmony with nature and reap the highest yields. He also covers the best foods for long-term storage, how to store food...
  • Food Integrity Now – E24 – Matthew Stein – When Technology Fails
    What would you do if technology failed? NASA scientists predict an impending solar storm that would destroy satellites and take out the power grid for weeks. Modern infrastructure relies on a delicate system that can easily be broken. Would you be prepared if tomorrow you had power, no cellphone,...

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