• Brain Health and Thriving Like a Guru
    To whatever degree you wish to thrive, a healthy brain will support you in your endeavor. In our chat today, Rosie and I discuss the how and why of having brain health to thrive like a guru. Being in a state of fogginess, forgetfulness or brain fatigue, we are challenged to make the wisest choic...
  • Glyphosate Can Alter DNA
    Two new studies add to the body of science, showing glyphosate— a key ingredient in Bayer/Monsanto’s herbicide RoundUp, is harmful to living systems. The studies point to convincing evidence that glyphosate can alter DNA by actively working at the epigentic level. The studies strongly su...
  • Glyphosate Causes Serious Multi-Generational Health Damage to Rats – New WSU Study
    This article originally created by Sustainable Pulse Washington State University (WSU) researchers have found a variety of diseases and other health problems in the second- and third-generation offspring of rats exposed to glyphosate, the world’s most used weed killer. In the first study of i...

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