• Dilemmas of Aging
    Many people as they age are contemplating the dilemmas of aging. In our chat today, Rosie and I discuss some of those dilemmas and how we have a choice in how we age. After all, we are all aging, aren’t we? The other day, a friend of Rosie’s shared this with her: “I’ve not intentionally eaten...
  • Organic Food in Hospitals–What a Concept!
    Fresh, healthy, organic food is often not even considered in the American health care system. Many hospitals serve their patients foods like jello and cream of wheat and other processed foods, instead of what all the evidence points to that we need to create wellness–an organic whole food...
  • Farm Food as Medicine
    Sage Mountain Farm in Southern California is a medium-size organic farm with big ideas. They are exploring the possibilities of collaborating with a few different organizations to help change the food paradigm. The concept—Farm Food as Medicine. This week we spoke with Manny Garcia, co-own...

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