• GMO 2.0 Gene Editing
    Many people many be unaware of GMO 2.0 and gene editing. Food Integrity Now recently attended the National Heirloom Expo in Ventura, CA. One of the speakers, Jeffrey Smith, Founder and Executive Director of The Institute for Responsible Technology, did an excellent talk and presentation on GMO ...
  • Walmart Takes A Step to Save the Bees
    Just recently, we received a Press Release from Friends of the Earth (FOE), Walmart annouces industry-leading policy to protect pollinators from pesticides. Walmart takes a step to save our bees! Walmart is the world’s largest food retailer in the world so this is a big deal. Bees and ...
  • Lab-Based Meat, What Is It?
    How many of you have seen “The Impossible Burger” on the menu at your local restaurant? What is it and is this lab-based meat safe to eat? Food Integrity Now wanted to find out. Friends of the Earth provided us with this article that we feel is important for you to know about so that ...

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