• Beyond Impossible and Common Ground, Must Watch!
    In this post, Food Integrity Now is offering the film, Beyond Impossible, The Truth Behind Fake Meat for your education. It’s always important to be well educated about what you are eating. If you choose to be a vegan, eating fake meat is not the answer. Our mission at Food Integrity Now i...
  • Arizona May Join Italy by Banning Lab-Grown Meat
    Two bills introduced into the Arizona Legislature may signal that the 2024 sessions of those “Laboratories of Democracy” will be something of an “alt-meat” grinder. Arizona State Rep. David Marshall, R-Snowflake, and four co-sponsors have introduced House Bill 2121, prohibiting cell-cultured an...
  • Unveiling Lab-Created Meat
    With its approval for sale in the US last November, lab-grown meat is being hailed in the mainstream media as a solution to global hunger while reducing the environmental impact of traditional animal farming. (Lab-grown Chicken was later approved in March). But what if it isn’t sa...

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