• The Neighborhood Food Network is You
    I spoke with Zen Honeycutt today of the Neighborhood Food Network, an initiative she and a few others started because they saw the need for us to start growing food, eating local, sharing food and to create community. Given the climate we are in with looming food shortages, this is a great way t...
  • Can Your Dog Eat Your Thanksgiving Meal?
    Anyone who knows me knows I love animals! While most people just feed their dogs their normal dog food on Thanksgiving, there are others who want to share their thanksgiving meal with their four legged friends. So, can your dog eat your Thanksgiving meal safely. Here are some do’s and don&...
  • RoundUp, The Latest Good, Bad, and Ugly
    We have been talking, sharing and writing about RoundUp’s active ingredient, glyphosate, for several years. So what is the latest on RoundUp and glyphosate-based herbicides? Is glyphosate use diminishing? Are we finding less of it in our water, soil and food? There are some good, bad and ...
  • Inside Grant Family Farms Plus a Warning on Farmer’s Markets – E68
    Grant Family Farms Grant Family Farms is a 2200 acre organic farm located in Wellington, Colorado. Our guest, Rachel Reiter – their Northern Colorado Rep, gives us an insider’s view into organic farming, what they grow and how they sell it. She shares a new strategy between farmers an...
  • Food Integrity Now – Larry Jacobs – Jacob Farm/Del Cabo – E34

     Four years ago, Larry Jacobs, President of Jacobs Farm/Del Cabo, received an unfortunate phone call from Whole Foods. The retail giant notified him that it was rejecting the organic dill he had sold the chain because the herb had tested positive for pesticides. Jacobs’ response was “that’s not possible…I haven’t sprayed pesticides since I got sick spraying pesticides 40 years ago.”  As it turns out, Jacobs’ 120-acre herb farm, just north of Santa Cruz in Wilder Ranch State Park, was the victim of a hard-to-detect but relatively simple scientific process: Pesticides applied in liquid form to nearby brussel sprouts later evaporated and were carried in vapor, through wind or fog, to Jacobs’ dill.

  • Food Integrity Now – E19 – Michael Potter, CEO of Eden Foods
    If you’re into eating healthy, you know about Eden Foods. But many don’t know how exceptional this humble company actually is. Started over 40 years ago, they’ve been in it from the beginning. At a time when organic food wasn’t trendy or profitable, Michael Potter founded ...
  • Food Integrity Now – E03 – Ewell Culbertson of Pachamama Organic Farm
    On this show we feature special guest Ewell Culbertson of Pachamama Organic Farm of Longmont, CO. Ewell discusses the state of organic food, the importance of nutrient density on both produce and human beings, and new advances in organic farming.

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