• Why Wheat, Why Now?
    Wheat is a mild to moderate toxin for every human. Now you may think this is a bold statement but this is what the science is telling us. The Studies A study conducted by Justin Holland and Allessio Fisano and a few others showed this to be true. The study used people with Celiac Disea...
  • What’s With Wheat?
    Going gluten-free is a choice many are making these days. Why is that? What’s with wheat? What does glyphosate (the active ingredient in RoundUp) have to do with gluten sensitivity and gut health?  Food Integrity Now spoke with Cyndi O’Meara, Executive Producer of the new documentary,...
  • Pam Cureton on Gluten: What is it? How is it Labeled? – E70
    Pam Cureton, RD, LDN Eating wheat, especially organic whole wheat, can be beneficial to your health. But for some, the gluten contained in wheat can be harmful. “Gluten-Free” products seem to be everywhere these days. But just what is gluten, where does it come from and what can it do...

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