They are Targeting our Children: It’s Time to Fight Back!

 Food Integrity Now is an educational resource to raise awareness as to what is happening to our global food supply. The big food corporations’ mission is to create an overweight and unhealthy population with their sugary, chemical-laden products  that have very little nutritional value–if any. They are targeting our children!

“It’s time to fight back and to educate our youth about how they are being targeted by these corporations–whose primary goal is to create more profit.”

 Last week, Food Integrity Now took a group of junior high and high school students to a mainstream grocery store to educate them and show them how they are being duped by these corporations. The day started off with some education and a few short videos, including the trailer for the movie, Fed Up, and GMO A Go Go. We spoke with them about processed sugar being as addictive as Cocaine. Then, off to the grocery store.

Food Integrity Now wanted to make this a fun day for the students to enhance the learning. We created a treasure hunt with a list of ingredients for each team to find. Some of these ingredients included, Soy Protein, Maltodextrin, Corn Syrup, Natural Flavoring, Red #40 and Yellow #5 and #6, to name a few. Each team was to find a product that contains one of the ingredients. On their treasure hunt form, we listed each ingredient (there were over 20) and then had a brief explanation of what these ingredients were and what they can do to their bodies. We had them find some products that they would choose just by the picture on the box or package that was attempted to make them think it was healthy. They were also instructed to find a product that they considered a healthy snack. Included on the list of ingredients for them to find were a couple of beneficial ingredients, as well as the Non-GMO Project Verification symbol. Each group worked as a team to find every ingredient on their list. The process took a little over an hour.

 The first thing we noticed is that the students really enjoyed this process. Secondly, they were amazed as they started reading labels and saw that some of the food had several of these harmful ingredients. They also found that many of their favorite snacks were loaded with chemicals and preservatives. After they completed their list, we did some brief education about the products they chose.

Food Integrity Now planted the seed for this group of young people. I guarantee that most of them will look a labels and perhaps even educate their family or friends. This was a wonderful day filled with fun and education. The children are the future and we have to do everything we can to ensure they have a healthy future.

If you would like Food Integrity Now to come to your school for a day of education, please contact us at  We would love to come to your child’s school!


  1. Why are the food corporations doing this: The big food corporations’ mission is to create an overweight and unhealthy population with their sugary, chemical-laden products that have very little nutritional value? Who profits from an overweight and unhealthy population other than the corporations making profits from selling us unhealthful food?

    1. The pharmaceutical industry profits from a sick population. The steady rise of Type II Diabetes is no accident. There is much money to be made from a sick population–sad but true!

  2. I have not talked to the principle yet, but I would love for Food Intefrity now to come to my caldrons schools fall of next year. Petaluma High school and Petaluma Academy Charter School.
    P.S. I can draw and paint if you ever need artwork for you blog or marketing I am happy to volunteer my services.

  3. Hallo Carol and friends

    Here is South Africa the polulation also suffer from unhealthy traditional eating habits. The buddist teach that one should not develop an appetite for delicious food. This is one of the most difficult habits to break. We grow up learning to eat food that are to sweet and to rich in flavour. Eating raw food is most beneficial and with natural herbs and flavours dishes can be prepared that are tasty too. Thanks for you most welcome informative newsletter. It will be just great if more people are healthy and eat proper food. Teaching caregivers the correct cooking and mealplans a must for the future. Plant fruittrees and vegetables in your own garden. Let us become a people who live from the garden to the table and not the mall to the table.

  4. I really appreciate what you are doing Carol and I’m right there with you but doing another part of the educating. Has Food Integrity Now joined the group yet? IRT recently joined. We must all get together and Ban GMO’s as a large Global presence so that we can get then out of this country like others have done. I am getting the majority of my educational info from your interviews as well as other interviewers who are paying more attention to this issue. Thank you so much again for your courage to take this on. I saw your picture for the first time today, I had no idea you are so beautiful, as well as being smart:)

    Blessings to you,
    Dianne McCown

    1. Thank you Dianne for your kind words. Yes, we have joined the GMOfreeGlobal group. We need to continue the education! Be well.

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