Tell USDA We Want Real GMO Labels: Deadline July 3

DEADLINE JULY 3: Tell the USDA Consumers Want Real GMO Labels

Do these suggested labels look something that would warn people about a toxic food ingredient? This is what the proposed labels for GMO foods will look like if we allow it. This is what our USDA is proposing for how food companies should label GMOs. Really? Smiling faces and pretty pictures? No way!

Please take action and tell the USDA we want clear GMO labels on all foods! This is important so take action and share!

TAKE ACTION BY JULY 3: Tell the USDA: Consumers Want Clear GMO Labels on ALL GMO Foods

For years, you’ve fought for the basic right to know if your food contains genetically engineered ingredients.

When Congress scrambled to preempt Vermont’s strong state GMO labeling law with its weak, industry-friendly federal “solution,” we called it the DARK (Deny Americans the Right to Know) Act—because that’s what it was intended to do.

Now the USDA is writing the rules for that law, and sure enough, those rules create multiple ways for food companies to keep consumers in the dark about the GMOs in their food.

The USDA has even proposed that companies use the unfamiliar term “bioengineered” (BE) rather than terms that food companies know consumers understand—like “genetically engineered” (GE) and “genetically modified organism” (GMO).

We say “BE” is B.S.! And so are the QR codes and smiley faces the USDA wants to let food companies hide behind.

Please take action by July 3 to let the USDA know that consumers want a real, meaningful GMO labeling law.

Thank you for using your personal power and taking action!


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