The Mystic Cookbook: The Secret Alchemy of Food

 When you first pick up The Mystic Cookbook, you notice how incredibly beautiful it is. Then, as you start reading and going through the pages, your realize this is way more than a cookbook, it’s a way of living and a way of enjoying life! Co-Author, Meadow Linn talked with us today about creating this book with her mother, Denise Linn. Her passion about life and cooking is infectious. Linn shares how to use the secret alchemy of food to heighten your dining experience and shares secrets of cooking for your soul. She explains how food choices can either expand or limit your consciousness and even how to trigger past-life memories through food. This innovative book will take your cooking and dining experience to a whole different level! Want to share in her passion, click on the link below and get ready to  feel really good:


  1. I really , really loved this podcast. It made my day and I am inspired to go out and paint my kitchen. I want to purchase this book for my mom as well. Thanks for this.

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