Toxic Heavy Metals In Infant Formula

Moms Across America, GMO Science and the New MDS initiated testing of 20 infant formulas for heavy metals. What they found was that there were toxic heavy metals in infant formula–which is very disturbing. Heavy metals introduced into a newborn’s body could have serious health effects–especially considering that many feed their babies infant formula for six months. Let’s hear what these results were.

Moms Across America collaborated with GMOScience and The New MDS to test toxic metals in baby formula, and we are extremely dismayed by the results. They had hoped some formulas would be free from toxic and heavy metals, but they were not. It is extremely shocking to see such high levels of the toxic metal aluminum present in goat’s milk formula and we urge the manufacturers and the FDA to immediately take action to resolve this issue. Every formula tested contained aluminum! Toxic heavy metals in infant formula is horrific!

Food Integrity Now interviews Zen Honeycutt of Moms Across America, Dr. Michelle Perro, pediatrician and CEO of GMO Science and Dr. Stephanie Seneff, MIT Senior Research Scientist about the results.

Dr. Perro discusses the toxicity and what may happen to a child who has aluminum, lead or cadmium in their body and how these toxic metals affect the microbiome, gut and brain. Stephanie Seneff discussed the science and potential synergistic effect of these metals with the herbicide glyphosate, which she has been studying for years. Zen discusses Moms Across America’s work in transforming the food supply and how our regulators need to step up and do their job to keep our food safe from these toxic substances. She also shares information on the infant formula results by company name. Recently Honeycutt and Kelly Reyerson (Glyphosate Girl) went to Washington DC to discuss the heavy metal issue with the FDA. This precipitated the FDA creating a Bill which aims to limit harmful heavy metals in baby food. It’s a start!

Dr. Perro also grades the 20 infant formulas as to what may be best and worst!

To find the full results and to email your representative about this issue, go to Moms Across America or to GMO Science to get that information.

Food Integrity Now is grateful to these organizations for initiating these tests. Please share this information with everyone.

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Listen to Honeycutt, Perro and Seneff interpret these results in this important interview below then share with others!


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