Ty Bollinger: Telling the Truth About Cancer

 Why are so many people dying from cancer when our medical system is supposed to be so advanced? What is the “real” truth about cancer? This question and others prompted Ty Bollinger, who after losing several family members to cancer (including his father and mother), to pursue a quest to learn all he possibly could about alternative cancer treatments and the medical industry (listen to Ty’s full story here). Ty refused to accept the notion that chemotherapy, radiation and surgery were the most effective treatments available for cancer patients.

After nearly a decade of cancer research, he published “Cancer, Step Outside the Box” which now is in its 6th edition) has become a best seller. He has since authored or co-authored a few more books on the subject of cancer and the medical industry.

In 2014, Ty traveled the USA and interviewed many scientists and doctors about treating cancer naturally and eventually produced the documentary mini-series, “The Quest for The Cures” and “The Quest for the Cures…Continues.”  Then in 2015, he traveled the globe to interview more doctors, scientists and cancer survivors and produced “The Truth About Cancer, A Global Quest” which aired in October 2015 and was viewed by over 5 million people.  In April 2016, the show was aired again and was viewed by nearly 9 million people.  If you would like to own the entire series, click here.

Ty Bollinger is not afraid to tell the truth. Through his passion and dedication to seeking truth and sharing this information, thousands of lives have been saved.  Many people are making different choices about their cancer treatment and are living to tell their stories.

This interview with Ty Bollinger might just be life changing for you or someone you love. Click on the link below to listen:


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  1. I have just been diagnosed with mekonomena stage 1 got more biopsies this week what do yoycsuggest I so healthy eatinfvand green tea nor too much caffeinevlenina honey chicken I have had low immune system fkrcaxwhile??

    1. Any kind of cancer can be put in remission just by stopping all sugar and carbs. It needs that insulin spike to grow. Killing it completely can be done without radiation or chemo, but it is a lot more detailed.

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