Vani Hari: A Conversation on Food Activism, Fake Foods and her new company, TRUVANI

 I had a conversation today with fellow food activist, Vani Hari a/k/a Food Babe. We talked about food activism, what it means, and how anyone can be an activist by learning and teaching others.  She shared some of the challenges she has had over the years when she took on some of the huge corporations like Kraft foods and Starbucks about changing some of their harmful ingredients.

 We talked about “natural flavoring,” which is used in so many products and why it is important for you to know what that really means–hint, hint, it may not be what you may think.

 Vani explained why she decided to take the next step and create a company with products that would have complete transparency of ingredients and labeling and why this is so important to her. She started TRUVANI and their first product is a daily turmeric supplement that is not only certified organic and non-GMO, it is also glyphosate-residue free and free from any heavy metals.  To learn more about TRUVANI turmeric click here.  She shared how creating a company that has true integrity and transparency would be just another way to fight the chemical food industry that has been putting profit over human health for several decades.

Vani Hari is passionate and clear about her mission and an inspiration to many. Listen to this short interview here or play the link below.

Try TRUVANI Turmeric risk free here.



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