Way To Go Costco

It’s now confirmed that Costco will stop selling RoundUp and glyphosate-based herbicides this Spring. This is huge news and we are hopeful that Lowe’s and Home Depot will be next. Costco’s is the largest buyer of organic foods in the country and in making this move to stop selling RoundUp, shows us that they do care about people, pets and the environment. We say “way to go Costco,” thanks for having integrity.

We are not done yet though, we must keep the pressure on Lowe’s and Home Depot to do the same. Please take action and call them and ask them to stop selling this carcinogen, endocrine disrupting, and dangerous weedkiller now. Here are their numbers:

  • Home Depot – 1-800-466-3337
  • Lowe’s – 1-800-445-6937

Recently, Moms Across America, did a petition to ask Costco, Lowe’s and Home Depot asking them to stop selling glyphosate-based herbicides and have gathered over 89,000 signature. If these big box companies do the right thing, the smaller sellers will most likely follow suit.

There have been a number of cities that have banned the use of glyphosate and are moving to organic methods. This trend will continue as the awareness is raised. Please do what you can in your city to get the information about RoundUp to your city council and talk to your neighbors about it. There are no safe levels of glyphosate! If you would like information on how to make your town a toxin free zone by removing Roundup, you can go to Moms Across America and check out the information under their Toxin Free Town Campaign. Everything you need to know about how to talk to your city council, including alternatives to using RoundUp and other glyphosate-based herbicides, is available on this site.

Together we can get glyphosate banned and create a healthier environment for our children, grandchildren and generations to come. It is going to take all of us. Thanks for being part of the solution. Be well, Carol

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    1. Hi Sheri, it has been confirmed by a top person at Costco. They will not be doing a Press Release as Costco does not do that when they add or delete a product. We would not print anything that was not confirmed. Thanks and it is great news!

  1. I also called Costco, whose global headquarters is near where I live. The head purchasing agent and another purchasing agent confirmed that they will not be ordering any Roundup or other glyphosate-based herbicides in 2019, for any of their US stores. Way to go, Costco!!

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