Wellness In The Schools – E57

 Nancy Easton, Co-founder of WITS, talks about the growing organization that started in New York City and is now expanding to other cities and states. Wellness In The Schools teams chefs up with schools to create healthy lunches and to provide programs for students to participate in creating dishes for the lunchroom menu. The goal is to teach students about healthy eating, thereby changing the trend of disease and obesity in America. Cook For Kids, the title of this program, is what interested us in finding out more about this organization, but it gets better. Green For Kids is a WITS program that works with the schools to reduce chemical contamination by replacing chemical cleansers and disinfectants with non-toxic alternatives. Last but not least, Coach For Kids provides volunteers to interact with students during recess to encourage active play and combat schoolyard bullying. Nancy Easton and WITS’ executive chef, Bill Telepan, were named Food Revolution Heroes by Jamie Oliver and, most recently, Anne Cooper Lunchbox Heroes.


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