What Gets In The Way of Thriving?

This week Rosie and I discuss what gets in the way of thriving. Almost everyone wants to have a life where they thrive, but why aren’t most people creating that life? In our discussion we talk about some of those issues that can inhibit your ability to thrive.

Rosie and I explore some of the many reasons or excuses that keep us from thriving. For some of us, we feel unworthy and undeserving. Some feel guilty because they have it better than others. Some of us grew up believing that there was no way out of the world of struggling or surviving. Others want to punish God, their parents, or some other significant individuals, so they say “no” to opportunities to grow. When we place blame on another for our issues or unhappy life, we give our power away to them. And when we feel powerless, how can we create a thriving lifestyle? New choices are needed to create that joy-filled life!

Thriving requires us to let go of what is in the way!

We invite you to listen to our discussion on this important topic by clicking on the link below that may assist you to understand what gets in your way of thriving? It is possible to feel joy and passion in your life. It does take some work and may involve letting go, forgiveness, and making new choices! We find it it so worth it to create that thriving lifestyle and joy!

A thriving lifestyle can be yours if you want it.

Rosie and I are grateful for you and are glad you are here–we would love to hear from you too! If you are so inclined, drop us a note or comment below. Thanks for listening.

Please check out Food Integrity Now’s health store which helps support this work. To learn more about Carol’s work go here. We are grateful for you! You can also find Rosie’s books on her site here. Be well!


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