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The root of good health starts on farms. I spoke with Anne Biklé and David R. Montgomery, authors of What Your Food Ate about the science and research behind their latest book. What Your Food Ate, How To Heal Our Land And Reclaim Our Health highlights evidence from recent science to forgotten science about how the health of our soil depends on the health of our crops, livestock, and ultimately us.

Biklé and Montgomery spoke with me this week about why soil health matters so much and how that health ripples down to the quality and nutrient density of our food. Much of our modern agriculture practices have not considered the health of our soil but have focused on yields versus nourishment. We have forgotten many of the practices that were based on the natural world that for so many years was the basis for understanding agriculture and farming.

We talked about how we live in a country where 6 out of 10 people have a chronic disease and what might be some of the reasons for this. Our discussion focused on the need for more education, like what is offered in What Your Food Ate, and why it is so important to regenerate our soil. The partnership through which crops and soil nourish one another saturates plant and animal foods in an array of compounds and nutrients which our bodies need in order to protect us from chronic disease and the many pathogens that we are exposed to in our environment.

What Your Food Ate teaches us that we can turn things around and do it in a way that doesn’t force anything. We humans tend to be a bit bossy! We need to let plants be plants and animals be animals. We can undo what we have done and there is definitely a way. Listen to our talk below and learn more, then get the book! This book is a must read for farmers, eaters, chefs, doctors, and anyone wanting to reverse chronic disease and mitigate climate change. Listen below!

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