What the Heck is in Our Water?

Most of us realize that there are contaminants in our water. We are aware of the chlorine and fluoride in most of this country’s water supply.

What you may not know it that there are more harmful contaminants like pharmaceuticals, hormones, herbicides, pesticides, BPA, mercury, lead, arsenic and other heavy metals that we should not be drinking. What? Doesn’t the EPA test our water? The answer is yes and no. They test for some contaminants but they also allow things like glyphosate in our food and water and they tell us that is safe! It’s not!
Further, the EPA does not test for pharmaceuticals in our water supply, but independent lab tests have found tested and found over 118 different drugs in the water supply. Want some proxac in your glass?

What about fluoride? It’s a neurotoxin! You can learn more here about the history of the use of fluoride.


Clearly Filtered offers a solution to this problem. They use a patented affinity technology that not only removes 99.9% of these contaminants but it leaves the beneficial minerals that reverse osmosis system take out. One of the many benefits of there undercounter systems is it uses way less water than reverse osmosis and is a tankless system.

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