William Engdahl on GMOs: The Lies and Long History of the Poisoning of Humanity

 How have we gotten to where we are now with 85% of all of our food in our mainstream grocery stores genetically modified? This just didn’t happen over night, it was well planned. Food Integrity Now spoke with F. William Engdahl, a researcher, economist, analyst, columnist and author. He has written on issues of energy, economics and geopolitics. Engdahl also checks his facts on everything he talks about or writes. He never speculates! He meticulously researches his topics.

When I asked him how we have gotten to where we are now with GMOs? He replied:

“Eugenics Research in 1939 was funded by the Rockefeller Foundation. After the war and the Nuremberg trials, the chairman of the American Eugenics Society, who was a Rockefeller crony and an intimate friend of the Rockefellers, got up and said “from today the new name of eugenics is genetics.”

“That in a nutshell is where genetic manipulation came from. The idea that you can reduce the complexity of life to a single gene or DNA structure and then zero in on that gene and shoot it with a canon that has a foreign mater, Bacillus thuringiensis (BT) or other foreign matter, in a completely unnatural manner and change the genetic trail of that particular plant or animal. That has been the dream of the Rockefeller eugenics movement for decades and the idea that you improve and breed a master race to genetically eliminate billions, and I am not exaggerating. Ted Turner said it in an interview back in the nineties, eliminate billions  of people from the planet through genetic manipulation and various other manipulating of the food we eat. That in essence is the heart and the history of GMOs.”

 Engdahl had much more to say on this subject. He spoke about a closed-door meeting in 1992 between Monsanto and former President George Bush, Sr. During that meeting, President Bush made the decision that GMO corn was “substantially equivalent” to non-GMO corn. Keep in mind “substantially” means kind of or more or less and “equivalent” mean equal!  This ordinance of substantial equivalency was pushed through and paved the way for Monsanto to take over the food supply with their GMOs with no safety testing and no government agency (including the FDA, USDA or NIH) is allowed to independently test GMOs.

 Engdahl further documents this hidden agenda in his book, Seeds of Destruction, The Hidden Agenda of Genetic Manipulation which can be purchased on his website below.

To listen to this fascinating and provocative interview, click on the link below:

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