Wine: Biodynamic, Organic; What It All Means

 Many of us are chosing to make organic and non-GMO food choices. What about our wine? Why has organic wine been given a bad rap. Buying wine can be confusing. What is USDA Certified organic wine? What does it mean when it says “made with organically grown grapes”? What is biodynamic wine? What about sulfites?

 Pam Strayer, the only wine writer specializing in organic and biodynamically grown wines, talked with Food Integrity Now and explained the differences between organic wine, wine made with organic grapes and biodynamic wines. She shares the six categories of wines and clears things up for those who want to make informed choices in buying wine.

 Strayer reads pesticide use reports on a regular basis and talks about the many chemicals that are used in industrial wine making, including Glyphosate and many other known carcinogens. She stresses the importance of buying organic or biodynamic and supporting those farmers who are chosing to farm their grapes using these standards and processes.

Strayer has written seven apps to help us navigate our choices and you can find those apps and articles that she has written on her blog here. You can also go to Google Play or Apple Apps and search her name “Pam Strayer” to find those seven wine apps.

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