Wine That Doesn’t Unwind Your Health

Many of us pick and choose our food and drink very carefully and with integrity. Why should wine be any different? Christine Fitzgerald, a nutritionist for over 20 years and former award-winning competitive gymnast in Northern California, set out on mission to create a healthier wine that she could feel good about that wouldn’t interfere with a healthy diet and lifestyle. Many of her clients wanted to drink wine so she set out on a mission. This task was huge because most of the soil and grapes she lab tested had glyphosate residue in them. She didn’t give up though and finally found a vineyard that met her very high standards of no glyphosate or other chemicals! She partnered up with Chrystal Clifton, who has been in the wine industry for almost 20 years, to create a wine that doesn’t unwind your health or diet. Does this sound too good to be true? It’s not–they have done it with Smartvine Wine. Listen now.


Smartvine Wine is the only certified glyphosate-residue free wine in the world! As we know, glyphosate reeks havoc with our health!


Not only is Smartvine Wine chemical free, it is low in sugar (Keto-Friendly), infused with turmeric, chicory root, lemon peel and Muscadine grape skins, and is Certified Vegan. You might wonder why the added botanical herbs? Chicory root is a prebiotic and helps protect the gut, Muscadine grape skins adds 30% more Resveratrol plus antioxidants, and turmeric can help detox the liver and lemon peel has many added health benefits.  This is a liquid infusion so you won’t taste these botanical herbs you will just get the health benefits.

Recently 20 wines and beers were tested for glyphosate and all but one organic beer had glyphosate residue–even an organic wine.

Smartvine Wine is the only certified glyphosate-residue free wine in the world! Always use Discount Code

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This interview with Christine and Chrystal is so informative and if you love wine or want to learn more, click on the link below. You will hear how and why they are so passionate about creating a healthier wine!

Please drink responsibly!


  1. Make no mistake – This is an extremely high quality wine and tastes delicious. The sauvignon blanc is smooth and refined, the grenache malbec red is robust with no bitterness. Imagine having a couple of glasses, with no histamine reaction, easy to digest, and no ‘morning after’ effects.

  2. Where is it from? Where are the grapes grown? Where is it bottled? How much % of nitrites are in it? I am interested. Thanks, Natalie Benincasa

    1. Natalie, here is the owner’s response

      “o problem-
      The grapes are grown in Santa Barbara county, Ca
      The wine is bottled in Santa Barbara county, Ca. More specifically, Lompoc, Ca.
      Nitrates is another word for sulfites- 11

      There are sulfites in all wine as you know but we don’t add any. “

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