We Won! Monsanto Ad has been Pulled from O Magazine

 We have a Victory! Thank you to the many of you who signed the Petition to Oprah Winfrey and O Magazine to remove the Monsanto advertisement! The ad has been removed from the February and March, 2015 issues of O Magazine.

In case you did not have time to read the text of the Petition, see below:

“To Oprah, from the many who have learned from you, been inspired by you to aim higher, try harder and to strive to be the best version of ourselves. You have repeatedly been recognized as one of the most powerful and influential women of our times. Your influence on the American family through your vast work as the host of the The Oprah Winfrey Show, The Oprah Book Club, and O Magazine has impacted millions. Countless women in this country look to you and rely on you as a powerful thought leader and your influence spans to all genders and diverse groups around the planet–in essence, you are a role-model to many.

Therefore, we are confused and deeply saddened to see that your highly regarded magazine, O Magazine, is running an advertisement for Monsanto, a company that according to a 2014 Harris Poll from Neilsen, was ranked 3rd worst among 60 high-profile companies. Oprah, we can only assume that you may be unaware of the misalignment of this advertisement by Monsanto, which is a company that is in total contradiction with your core values that support integrity, authenticity, truth, responsibility and self-care.

Oprah, you and your readers may not realize that this shrewdly crafted advertisement talks about “growing enough food for a growing world“: This statement insinuates that genetically engineered crops will yield more food to feed the world. This statement is not true and is clearly a marketing ploy to convince and dupe the public about GMOs (“genetically modified organisms”). See study here.

 Monsanto states it wants to grow food “in a sustainable way“: Since the use of genetically engineered crops, there has been a 527 Million pound increase in the use of pesticides in U.S. from 1996 to 2011. See study here.

Monsanto states that “we partner with farmers:” Monsanto requires farmers who use their seeds to sign an agreement that they will not save seeds so that farmers have to buy more seeds every year–from them. In a report created by The Center for Food Safety, it tracked numerous lawsuits that Monsanto had brought against farmers and found some 142 patent infringement suits against 410 farmers and 56 small businesses in more than 27 states. In total the firm has won more than $23 million from its targets. See report here. In essence, Monsanto is patenting life itself.

Oprah, most importantly, Monsanto’s ad does not mention the mounting evidence and peer-reviewed studies on the health impact of GMOs and Glyphosate, the active ingredient in Roundup®. Genetically engineered crops are engineered to be resistant to this herbicide. Glyphosate is the most widely used herbicide in the world and is also sold by Monsanto. Glyphosate is a patented antibiotic and mineral chelator. Even though Monsanto claims Glyphosate is minimally harmful to humans, we are greatly concerned because studies have shown that Glyphosate has been found in our soil, water, blood, urine, gut, and most recently in human breast milk. See further information and studies here.

Oprah, given this information, does this sound like a company that is in alignment with everything you claim to stand for? We feel that Monsanto’s advertisement misrepresents to the American family the underlying agenda of Monsanto. Monsanto spent over $10 million dollars in 2014 alone on anti-labeling campaigns–preventing Americans from having the right to know what is in their food.They are using humans as their guinea pigs for their science experiment of genetically engineered crops–which have never been proven safe for humans.

We respectfully request that you immediately remove Monsanto’s advertisement from your O Magazine. Monsanto is a company that is severely misaligned with everything you and O Magazine stand for, including health, authenticity, self-respect, and integrity.”

Thank you again everyone! Together we can create a healthy food supply for our children, our grandchildren and generations to come! You are awesome!

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  1. Thank you Carol for helping educate all of us against Monsanto and their dangerous activities which includes using humans as guinea pigs. I can only pray that more people will do the research to find out the dangers of the pesticides imbedded in GMO crop’s DNA. These same crops that are killing insects are also killing pollinators that either take pollen from these plants or eat the poisoned insects. Certainly if doctors were to compare notes, I expect they might find dangerous side effects in humans from the poisons imbedded in the plants, soil or our water…all originally caused from GMO crops..

    1. I thank you for all this hard work, I said some pretty nasty things about Oprah regarding this ad…Ill eat my words, and apologize, and accept Oprah into the group of human beings who care about the good in life.

  2. Thank you Carol for making a huge difference in this world. Let’s keep sharing this information and educating each other because, as Oprah has always told us, “knowledge is power” and this evil is being found out and can’t hide anymore. We can make better choices now and we are not going to buy products that are gmo or put this crap into our bodies. So companies can change to non gmo or go out of business, when no one buys their product. Let our money speak for us. If its gmo, then we won’t buy your product. We women are powerful if we act like sisters and stick together. Lets make some good changes in this messed up corporate world. Enough is enough.

  3. The February issue of Better Homes and Garden also ran the Monsanto ad. Pages 88-89. I was stunned at the copy knowing what Monsanto is responsible for and that they represent just the opposite of what is said in the ad. I am going to send an email to BH&G asking them to refuse that ad again. A petition?

  4. Thank you so much for this petition. I spoke Oprah on Dec 23rd about the issues Maui county’s facing with Monsanto suing our county and the legislature not enforcing the moratorium we voted in on the Nov ballot. I asked for her support, as our neighbor, in our fight against Monsanto and biotech. She seemed genuinely interested. So this was so heartwarming and special for me to read. Such a well written proposal
    . Maybe she will stand with us afterall!

  5. The day this magazine arrived, I seethed. I was in shock over the beauteous interracial family loving looking over their monsanto meal. I immediately looked up all my contacts from Oprah and wrote them a letter. They didn’t answer me. I was saddened thinking this had escaped Oprah’s attention andI felt impotent.
    I rejoiced today when my assistant sent me this email.
    Thank you so much Carol. Your voice was heard.
    Much appreciation,
    Judy Walker & TOPS Malibu
    & the island of Kauai

  6. I’ve just purchased the current issue of Eating Well Magazine and was shocked to see another 2 page Monsanto ad!?!!! …deeply disappointed

  7. I, too, was very surprised to see a Monsanto ad in my latest Eating Well (Nov/Dec, 2015). It saddens me that such a magazine would choose tainted dollars over the well being of it’s readers – not to mention the health of our planet. Shame on Eating Well!

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