Zen Honeycutt Reports: Alarming Results of Testing of the Top 20 Fast Food Brands

Zen Honeycutt, founder of Moms Across America, reports on testing of the top 20 fast food brands, and the popular West Coast eatery, In-N-Out Burger. The results are abysmal to say the least! Check out the shocking reports which should be a wake-up call to many as to what they are eating or feeding their children. 85 Million Americans eat at fast food restaurants every day, and about 30 Million meals are served for our school lunches from these brands.

Watch my interview with Zen below as she interprets the results of the testing. Zen shares compelling stories about what these results really mean and how changing to an organic diet can profoundly affect the mental health of our children. It’s not just our physical health that is in jeopardy, but our psychological well being.

Forty-two samples of 21 brands were tested for the most widely used herbicide in the world, glyphosate, 236 agrochemicals, 4 heavy metals, PFAS, phthalates, and mineral content. The top ten brands were additionally tested for 104 commonly used veterinary drugs and hormones, B Vitamins and calories.

These results are unacceptable and we can do better. We have got to quit poisoning our food supply, poisoning our children, and start demanding organic food! We need to practice organic regenerative farming and heal the earth which will profoundly transform our food supply. We need to say no to the chemical farming that the corporations profit from by poisoning our children. Please check out Common Ground movie to learn more about what you can do.to help. To see the full report of all this testing, go to Moms Across America and read more.

Is there any wonder why our country is in a health crisis? Now that we know, we can all do better. We have to do better! Please share this interview and testing results to everyone you know.

If you prefer to listen to the podcast, click on the link below.

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  1. Unbelievable what a difference taking these toxic foods can make in a child’s life! So many stories of the impact food makes and the reality of what we are all faced with. We can demand toxin-free organic food!

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