Dr. Jonny Bowden: The Great Cholesterol Myth

What if we have gotten it wrong? What if what we have been told about cholesterol causing heart disease is not true? What if what we now know and understand is something totally different. Today, we spoke with Dr. Johnny Bowden, co-author of The Great Cholesterol Myth (Revised and Explanded): Why Lowering Your Cholesterol Won’t Prevent Heart Disease–And the Statin-Free Plan That Will.

Seven years ago, I did an interview on Food Integrity Now with Dr. Stephen Sinatra, a Board-Certified Cardiologist, about their first book, The Great Cholesterol Myth. The information was groundbreaking and life changing.

The Great Cholesterol Myth

In this new book, Dr. Bowden, shares with us what we now know to be some of the true causes of cardiovascular disease–the number one cause of death in this country. In this interview Jonny shares much of the history behind the myth and interprets some of the latest information and studies on heart disease and cholesterol. He talks about some of the true culprits to heart disease–think insulin resistance and cardiovascular disease, and what you can do to change that trajectory without statins.

Listen to this important information on The Great Cholesterol Myth by clicking on the link below. This may be live-changing to you! Get the book too on Amazon here:

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