Feeling Grateful Can Grow Our Capacity to Thrive

In this Episode, Rosie and I discuss the importance of feeling grateful and how feeling grateful can grow our capacity to thrive. We are not talking about just feeling grateful when something “really good” happens, we’re talking about being grateful in the NOW! Feeling grateful for everything we have and where we are in our life allows us to appreciate more fully what we have. Gratitude is a powerful emotion and when we allow ourselves to feel it, we open ourselves up to more to be grateful for. That is how energy works and gratitude is a powerful energy!

Woman expressing her sincere gratitude.

Why Gratitude? Well, the vibration of Gratitude is very high—540 mhz.  It’s up there with Love and Joy. That’s hugely significant. You might find experiencing love and joy more difficult–so practicing gratefulness, appreciation and thankfulness can assist you in experiencing more love and joy in your life. Isn’t that what most of us want?

Practicing gratitude actually shifts mental and emotional attitudes, increases oxytocin, and amplifies general all round physical health and wellness. Research shows that, most people feel better when they share appreciation. Both people experience an uplifting in their field of energy. It’s so easy, and feels so good!

We know that when we sit down to a meal and we are grateful for our food, the more nutrients we absorb. The opposite is true when we eat in a state of anger, eat too fast, or eat when we are stressed.  We can actually make healthy food toxic! Slowing down and being in a state of gratitude for our food is certainly a tool to assist our health and thriving.

A young woman having a healthy meal relaxed and grateful

Thriving means different things to different people. It may initially mean being without pain, sadness and discomfort. It may come to mean experiencing passion and more fully expressing our potential. It might mean being without fear, or flourishing no matter what the circumstances. How do you want to thrive? You get to choose.

In our last episode we discussed how important it is to learn to feel. Feeling gratitude and appreciation is actually a very natural state of being. However, we’ve trained ourselves to cover up so much of what we feel, because it can create another state of being—social awkwardness, discomfort, vulnerability—just to name a few. 

Learning anything new requires a commitment. Rosie and I discuss what that might look like and how practicing, what may be a new way of being for some, might feel or look like.

Journaling about being Grateful

In time, we can come to experience the innate presence of gratitude, wherever we go, whoever we are with. It’s very, very close at hand. Listen to our discussion below about gratitude and possibilities for increasing your joy and having a life where you thrive. Listen to our chat below to learn more. Thanks for listening!

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