Impossible Burgers in Our Schools? Say NO!

Just recently Impossible Foods got the go ahead that would allow their Impossible Burger in our schools. Please say NO and here is why.

The Problems

Food Integrity Now spoke with Jaydee Hanson, Policy Director from the Center For Food Safety, about what is in the Impossible Burger and all the reasons why we should be very concerned–especially feeding it to our children. One of the first things Hanson said was that the Impossible Burger is “genetic engineering on steriods!” The soy leghemoglobin (heme) in this fake meat that makes it look like blood is made from GMO soy and we know GMO soy contains harmful herbicides like glyphosate, a known carcinogen, that wreaks havoc with our health. Children are more suscepible as their immune systems and livers are still developing. The Impossible Burger is also a highly-processed food and not what we need to be eating or feeding to our children. There are so many reasons why we do not want our children, or anyone for that matter, to eat this fake meat.

Impossible Burger

As reported by Friends of the Earth, Impossible Foods fake meat contains 46 proteins never before approved for human consumption. What could go wrong? We asked Hanson and he shared what could go wrong!

Climate Change: GMO Farming vs. Regenerative Ag

One of the claims made by Impossible Foods is that the Impossible Burger can reduce climate change and global warming. This is a marketing ploy and a flat-out lie. This fake meat increases climate change! Hanson addresses this issue in our talk. Compared to regenerative organic farming, GMO mono-crop farming, from which this fake meat is derived, increases climate change. GMO farming practices decrease microbes in the soil, increases chemical fertilizer input and pollutes our waters. GMO farming also reduces carbon sequestration and increases nitrous oxide release, which is hundreds of time more harmful than carbon. Hanson also shared about how our valuable trees are being cut down to grow this GMO soy here and in other countries.

Climate Change: Regenerative Organic Farming is the Solution

Court Ruling:

“The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit issued a decision in Center for Food Safety’s (CFS) lawsuit challenging the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) approval of soy leghemoglobin (a.k.a. “heme”), the novel genetically engineered (GE) color additive that makes Impossible Foods’ eponymous plant-based burger, the Impossible Burger, appear to “bleed” like real meat. In an unpublished opinion, the court ruled that concerned consumers have the right to challenge FDA’s determination, but affirmed the FDA’s approval of the novel color additive, even though preliminary animal lab data submitted by Impossible Foods indicated potential health risks including blood clot issues, anemia, and kidney damage.  

In response to the appeals court’s decision, Center for Food Safety’s senior attorney Sylvia Wu issued the following statement: 

‘We are disappointed by the court’s ruling today, which will allow Impossible Burger and other meatless burgers to be made with a novel genetically engineered chemical without conducting any long-term health studies. FDA is supposed to protect consumers from unsafe novel chemicals in our food supply, instead now consumers bear the burden of avoiding these GMO plant-based burgers.'” 

Court Ruling


Mom Across America has created a campaign that will go directly to PTA leaders, the National Association of Elementary School Principals, and the School Nutrition Association. They also suggest separately emailing it to school staff and Food Directors. This campaign is so important and addresses many of our concerns about having this fake meat in our schools. Our children deserve better! Please take action here.

Another wonderful organization, GMO Free USA, is conducting a survey/study about the Impossible Burger where you can report issues from eating the Impossible Burger. If you want to participate or learn more, go here.

Please share this information to help us educate others and help us protect our children’s health! This is important! Thank you!

To listen to this very informative interview click on the link below and then share this with others. Thank you!!

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  1. Would it be OK if our schools could serve organic, meatless burgers that are non-GMO, plant-based, with no chemicals – like we make at home? I wonder if that would be allowed.

  2. I wonder if we could provide organic, non-GMO burgers with no chemicals to school children – like the ones we make at home. It seems that would be the answer.

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