Lifespan or Healthspan?

Longevity is certainly something that many want to achieve. A question you may want to ask yourself is “do you want to have a long lifespan or healthspan?” The definition of “lifespan,” according to the dictionary, “is the average or maximum length of time an organism, material, or object can be expected to survive or last.” I think the keywords in the definition are “expected to survive.” So, surviving denotes that you just make it and certainly doesn’t seem to include the word “thrive.” Hence, our conversation today about Lifespan or Healthspan!

Rosie and I discuss some of the areas in life that may lead to a longer healthspan. So what is healthspan? The dictionary definition of “healthspan” refers to the period of life spent in good health, free from chronic diseases and disabilities of aging. Wow, which sounds better to you–lifespan or healthspan? In this episode, we talk about some of the essential choices we can make to increase our healthspan. We discuss the importance of diet and exercise and some of the newest science by some of the industry leaders in the field of health and wellness, Dr. Mark Hyman and Dr. David Perlmutter. These lifestyle choices or suggestions are just some of the ways we can increase our healthspan and create a thriving lifestyle. Our relationship with nature, food, exercise, our bodies, mind, and spirit, determine what quality of life we have.

Meditation, getting quiet, and doing breath work can also be powerful tools to increase your healthspan. I offer a tool in our discussion which may be valuable in any type of stressful situation. It works!

Enjoying Family

We also discuss how our habits and doing things just because they are convenient can interfere with our ability to create balance within ourselves. Increasing our healthspan with passion and purpose, as we discussed in our last podcast. can bring us more into balance with nature, our true essence, and the fulfillment of our human spirit. We have so many opportunities to see what uplifts us or makes us feel good within ourselves, and increasing our healthspan can definitely lead to a more joyful life!

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Thanks for being here and for listening to our conversation which might assist you to create a more joyful and peaceful life. We are glad you are here! Leave us a comment below if you are so inspired! We love hearing from you. To learn more about me and my work at Food Integrity Now, you can go here to “join us” or email me at To contact or learn more about Rosie go to


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