Passion and Purpose Are Keys to Thriving

Most of us want a joyful life! Passion and purpose are keys to thriving and creating that life. By this we mean that passion and a resonance of something greater than just everyday living–feeling like you can’t wait to get out of bed and greet all of the new opportunities to experience passion and adventure in your day. But for most of us, it takes some work and doing some deep searching of the “why” we are here and what it is we have a deep longing or passion to do or create in our life. Digging deep into the why we do the thing we do, or the why we choose to choose can be wonderful tools to understand ourselves more fully.

In our discussion, Rosie and I talk about passion and purpose and what that might look like and feel like. In our work with many clients seeking to understand themselves more deeply in an effort to have a more joyful and thriving lifestyle, Rosie and I have some insights into this process. Sometimes, people have a passion, however, something gets in the way of creating a life lived on purpose. This may bring disappointment, frustration, or feelings of depression. “Why can’t I live in my passion when others do?” The short answer is–you can live a life of passion, but it may take some searching of the beliefs and patterns that get in the way of you having what you say you want.

Follow Your Heart with Purpose and Passion.

When people aren’t yet living their life purpose with passion, then the purpose perhaps shifts. Perhaps their life purpose is to discover, recognize and accept all of what has been in the way and to let go. After accepting those limitations, which is the first step, then they can work on transforming those beliefs or patterns that no longer serve them. Their purpose then becomes aligned with their passion and doors start to open. It is a process, it takes commitment, patience, and work–but it is well worth it to be able to thrive like a guru.

Listen below to our discussion on passion and purpose. We think you will find it useful in your process of creating a joy-filled life! Thanks for being here.

If you need assistance in this process, we are here. We are never meant to heal alone. Contact Carol at and Rosie at rosie@theparadigmshifts.

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