• Wine That Doesn’t Unwind Your Health
    Many of us pick and choose our food and drink very carefully and with integrity. Why should wine be any different? Christine Fitzgerald, a nutritionist for over 20 years and former award-winning competitive gymnast in Northern California, set out on mission to create a healthier wine that she co...
  • Wine: Biodynamic, Organic; What It All Means
    Many of us are chosing to make organic and non-GMO food choices. What about our wine? Why has organic wine been given a bad rap. Buying wine can be confusing. What is USDA Certified organic wine? What does it mean when it says “made with organically grown grapes”? What is biodynamic w...
  • Paul Frey on Organic and Biodynamic Wines, GMO Yeast, Pesticides and Nuclear Power
    Paul Frey, winemaker at Frey Vineyards, the first organic winery and maker of the first certified biodynamic wine, shares his 30 plus years of knowledge and experience in the wine business. Frey Vineyards, located in Mendocino County, California, is a family owned and operated winery and employs ...

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