• Impossible Burger, So Many Reasons Not to Eat It
    People are still asking me about the Impossible Burger. I tell them there are so many reasons not to eat it. Let’s discuss some of them. Earlier this year, the manufacturers of the controversial veggie burger just announced that in the future, due to “high demand” ...
  • Food Babe: Holding Corporations Accountable
    Vani Hari a/k/a The Food Babe is a force to be reckoned with! She and her “Food Babe Army” are taking on the big food corporations! Vani started her blog Foodbabe.com in April 2011 after dealing with several illnesses as a child which eventually landed her in a hospital with appendici...
  • Breaking News: OSGATA v. Monsanto Case Filed With Supreme Court
    A few hours ago, Food Integrity Now spoke with Jim Gerritsen, President of the Organic Seed Growers and Trade Association (“OSGATA”). Jim Gerritsen, representing the lead plaintiff, OSGATA,  spoke with us about this ground-breaking case filed with the Supreme Court today. The Plaintif...
    Welcome to the Food Integrity Now family! We are thrilled that you have taken the initiative to join us. Thank you for your dedication to the food justice and food integrity movement.  We envision a healthy and sustainable world, with nourishing food where our body, mind and spirit can thrive. If...
  • The Farmers vs. Monsanto
    Citizen’s Assembly. Courtesy of Simran Sethi The GMO debate continues to grow as the issue received national attention last week in a packed federal courtroom in Manhattan. Farmers filed a a class-action suit against the multinational seed and chemical corporation Monsanto, stating they are no lo...
  • Scott and Mary Smith of GM Know, Leading Boulder County’s Fight Against GMOs – E63
    Scott and Mary Smith, founders of GM Know, are actively and passionately working to create change in Boulder County’s GMO policy on public lands. Currently over 25,000 acres of open space are used to grow GMO corn by a small group of about 70 farmers. Scott, Mary and the several hundred members o...
  • Jim Gerritsen, President of OSGATA sues Monsanto – E62

     Jim Gerritsen is an organic farmer and the President of the Organic Seed Growers and Trade Association (OSGATA).  The OSGATA created a stir in food and farming communities when, with legal backing from the Public Patent Foundation, it filed a lawsuit in March against the chemical and biotechnology giant Monsanto.

  • Boulder Citizens Say No to GMOs, Will the Commissioners Listen?
    In Boulder, CO, the fight to keep GMOs off county lands is entering the final rounds. After months of deliberation, an agricultural policy group has recommended that GMOs be allowed on open space land and the people of Boulder county are making sure their leaders know they do not approve. Their m...
  • Engineering a World Food Crisis

     There is an impending food shortage crisis, and the ambassadors for biotechnology are eager to provide a solution. The claim is that genetically engineered crops produce higher yields. There is controversy over the genetic manipulation of crops on a multitude of points, but most agree that an answer to the need of a growing population must be found. The conditions of starvation and malnutrition that exist in parts of the world are pointed to as the future for all unless it is addressed. So let’s look at the reasons behind these food shortages more closely.

  • Evan Folds: Grow Your Own Food In Harmony With Nature – E43

     Food Integrity Now teams up with Evan Folds, founder of Progress Earth and writer for Maximum Yields and Urban Garden Magazine, to bring you a series on how you can grow your own food in harmony with nature no matter where you live!

    GMOs are proliferating our food and chemicals are polluting our soil. Much of the food you buy in the store today is an empty shell devoid of nutrients. This lack of nutrient density provides a very short satiation of hunger and robs the body of it’s necessary nutrition. It is now more important than ever to know how to grow your own food. Designing your garden in alignment with nature increases yields and provides you and your family with a reliable source of nutrient dense food.


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