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This time of year is a great time to reflect on all of our blessings and a reminder to have gratitude for our health and wellness, friendship, community, family, nature and so much more. At Food Integrity Now, we have been focusing on offering health and wellness education for almost 15 years! Your health is my business and I take my job very seriously. Please take a few minutes and read this article as it comes from my heart to yours.

Over the past 15 year, Food Integrity Now has educated hundreds of thousands about GMOs, glyphosate, and other toxins in our food supply–so that you can be informed and make wise choices. We hope this has helped you and your family navigate through some of the deception and toxic foods that are ever present in our food supply. We have also offered many interviews and articles to educate you so that you can make those wise choices for you and your family. Navigating through the overwhelming amount of information on the internet can be somewhat daunting to say the least. We hope Food Integrity Now helps you navigate through the voluminous information.

I have added some links to some of our most recent articles and interviews–just in case you missed some!

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As a holistic nutritionist and a life coach, I have worked with many individuals to assist them to have optimal health and wellness. We are learning more every day about how nutrition, lifestyle, attitude and our beliefs affect our overall state of wellness and our ability to thrive. It is never a one size fits all. People ask me from time to time about what type of diet they should eat, Keto, Paleo, Vegan, Carnivore, or whatever the latest craze is to eat? I can never answer this question. Diet and lifestyle is an individual thing. What works for one person may not work for another. The key is discovering what works for you and knowing and implementing this can create a wonderful healthspan–a life where you live long and happy and healthy and a life where you are experiencing joy on a regular basis. If you are not experiencing joy and need assistance, I am here and I offer free consultations.

We have done a wide variety of interviews, articles, webinars, YouTubes, and more to help you learn more about what might work for you to increase your quality of life. We also did a series of podcasts with the help of Dr. Rosie Kuhn to assist you to THRIVE . That series is also on our site at Beyond Food Integrity This series is to assist you with your mindset which is critical to having a joyful life. That being said, we are not done yet. As new information becomes available, we will continue to offer it to you. It is exciting to see how much research and “real science “is coming forth to assist us all with our health. So, you see how I take my job very seriously and will continue to do my best to keep you well informed about your health and wellness!

As a reminder, if you go to the blog page you will find a search bar on the right to do a search for any subject you desire and if we have information on it, it will be searchable. Also, to subscribe to our email list go to the blog page on your computer, and on the right you will find “join us” to sign up. We promise not to inundate you!

As we focus on what we are thankful for during the holiday season, we are thankful for you. We sincerely hope you have gotten value over the years from us! If you would like to help support this work, you can purchase something from our healthstore or donate to us. We are totally supported by you! Thank you! Have an amazing holiday and be well, be kind, stay informed, use critical thinking and most importantly be grateful for all you have! Also, never forget how powerful you are aome fnd when you come from love, magic can happen!

Thank you! Carol and Food Integrity Now!


  1. Hi Carol. I have watched you over many years as you persevere in your commitment to educate those of us who have eyes to see and ears to hear. Thank you for all your hard work!

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