• Apeel: Fruit and Vegetable Coating, A Risky Endeavor
    Apeel, which is a coating that is used on fruits and vegetables, even some organic, is a risky endeavor for sure. Apeel fruit and vegetable coating was created by Apeel Sciences and was funded by the Bill and Linda Gates Foundation, which raises a red flag to begin with. We know very little abou...
  • The Good Garden
    It’s that time of year when many are preparing and planting their summer gardens. In my talk today with Chris McLaughlin, author of The Good Garden, we discuss some of the basics of growing your own food in a way that not only can nurture you and your family but the inherent joy it can off...
  • Eating Like Your Life Depends On It
    My life work is educating about toxins and chemicals in our food supply and offering solutions on how to create a healthy life where you can thrive. I recently spoke at the Health and Homesteading Conference in Southern California about eating like your life depends on it. Because it does! In...

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