• The Good Garden
    It’s that time of year when many are preparing and planting their summer gardens. In my talk today with Chris McLaughlin, author of The Good Garden, we discuss some of the basics of growing your own food in a way that not only can nurture you and your family but the inherent joy it can off...
  • Matt Powers: Regenerative Soil
    Today I spoke with Matt Powers. Matt is an author, educator, seed saver, gardener, and entrepreneur focused on radically transforming the entire K-12 education system through the collegiate system as well as the economy such that it aligns with regenerative science, natural principles, and perm...
  • Matt Powers: How to Create a Garden That Flourishes
    I spoke with Matt Powers this week who is one of the most passionate gardeners and experts on permaculture, backyard gardening, greenhouse gardening and soil. Matt shared with us how to create a garden that flourishes and is nutrient dense in almost any soil–and it’s not difficult. W...
  • Seed Integrity Now
    Forest Shomer was saving seeds before many of us were even born! Shomer was a student in Berkley in the late 60’s and became involved in the ecology movement. From there, his passion lead him to become a student of the land and ultimately learn about seeds and seed saving. Over the next 40 ...
  • Felicia Alongi and Akamai Backyard – E51

     Felicia Alongi is a visionary and was a novice gardener. However, after her quick success with applying permaculture methods, blended with the wisdom of the Hawaiian way, she turned her backyard into a thriving, sustainable edible garden. She shares her knowledge on how to create your own backyard garden using these methods.

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