• Jim Gerritsen: The Price of Democracy From Seed Patents to the TPP
    Jim Gerritsen, Owner of Wood Prairie Farm and President of the Organic Seed Growers and Trade Association (“OSGATA”), understands much about the law and how democracy is supposed to work. He shares with us today the process that he, as lead plaintiff, and others experienced during a t...
  • Food Integrity Now in 2014
    Happy New Year from Food Integrity Now. We are starting our year off with some great guests.  In January, we will talk with Joel Salatin about his upcoming documentary, Polyface Farms, which is a model farm for sustainability and Dr. David Perlmutter will be joining us to talk about his best-sell...
  • Exposing the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP): This Affects Everyone
    Have you heard of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)? Many have not and that is by design!  This “free trade” agreement that would set rules on non-trade matters such as food safety and labeling, internet freedom, medicine costs, financial regulations and the environment.This secretl...

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