• What the Heck is in Our Water?
    Most of us realize that there are contaminants in our water. We are aware of the chlorine and fluoride in most of this country’s water supply. What you may not know it that there are more harmful contaminants like pharmaceuticals, hormones, herbicides, pesticides, BPA, mercury, le...
  • Food Integrity Now in 2014
    Happy New Year from Food Integrity Now. We are starting our year off with some great guests.  In January, we will talk with Joel Salatin about his upcoming documentary, Polyface Farms, which is a model farm for sustainability and Dr. David Perlmutter will be joining us to talk about his best-sell...
  • Alan Drobnak Discusses the Truth About Fluoride – E56

     Alan Drobnak left the marketing research world after 25 years to dedicate his time and efforts to assisting others to “wake up” during this time of planetary change and shifting consciousness. He is considered one of the leading experts on Fluoride. Drobnak discusses the history of Fluoride and how it was used in Nazi Germany, it’s evolution to the United States and its ultimate Federally mandated use in our drinking waters.  

  • Food Integrity Now – E07 – The Truth About Fluoride
    Once a month in elementary school, the teacher passed out cups of glowing green liquid that tasted like slime and was supposed to be good for our teeth. It was called “swish and spit” and every child was forced to do it unless his/her parents wrote a note. The nasty taste of that vile stuff is bu...

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