• EU Bans Airport X-Ray Machines, No Signs Show US Will Follow.
    You’re probably aware of the radiation risks associate with backscatter X-ray machines, the machines your friendly TSA agent uses to peep your naked body when you fly. Perhaps you’ve “opted out” from going through the machine and received weird looks from your TSA agent an...
  • Boulder Citizens Say No to GMOs, Will the Commissioners Listen?
    In Boulder, CO, the fight to keep GMOs off county lands is entering the final rounds. After months of deliberation, an agricultural policy group has recommended that GMOs be allowed on open space land and the people of Boulder county are making sure their leaders know they do not approve. Their m...
  • Drugging the Planet: Doggie Prozac and Female Viagra
    What? You’re not on drugs? Big Pharma is doing their best to change that. In its ever present bid to have every man, woman, child (and now dog) hooked on their wares, the US pharmaceutical industry continues to create new ‘syndromes’ while simultaneously claiming to possess the...
  • Alice Feiring, Author of Naked Wine – E60

     Alice Feiring is an award winning food and wine journalist and the author of  “Naked Wine, letting grapes do what comes naturally.” Most people take for granted that when they select a wine, the ingredients are going to be pure and natural. There are 200 ingredients on the list of FDA approved additives for wine.  However, the manufactureres aren’t required to list those ingredients. This renders most consumers to be clueless about what is in their wine.

  • Dude, Where’s My Vitamin C?
    Maybe you are a person that buys vitamin C, herbal cough syrup, or probiotics when you think you might be coming down with a cold. Maybe you take Co Q10 to keep your heart healthy, or Red Yeast Rice to keep your blood pressure down because you don’t like the side effects or cost of pharmaceutical...
  • Dr. Kerry Kriger, Founder of Save the Frogs – E59

     Dr. Kerry Kriger of Save The Frogs discusses why frogs and other amphibian are rapidly disappearing. Nearly one-third of the world’s amphibian species are on the verge of extinction. Up to 200 species have completely disappeared since 1979.

  • GMO Labeling Poised to Hit the Ballot in California

     Californians have the opportunity to make history and standup for our right to know what we are eating. Since the introduction of GMOs, Americans have allowed unelected officials in the USDA and FDA to decide that we don’t need to know what we are really eating. As a result, nearly 90% of the food in grocery stores today contains unlabeled food that has been genetically altered. The way polls are currently looking, Californians may lead the way in setting a precedent that changes all that.

  • Nell Newman and Newman’s Own Organics – E58

     Nell Newman, daughter of actors Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward, launched Newman’s Own Organics: The Second Generation with business partner Peter Meehan in 1993. Great tasting products that happen to be organic is the company’s motto. She is the President of the company, which started as a division of Newman’s Own and became independent in 2001.

  • Wellness In The Schools – E57
    Nancy Easton, Co-founder of WITS, talks about the growing organization that started in New York City and is now expanding to other cities and states. Wellness In The Schools teams chefs up with schools to create healthy lunches and to provide programs for students to participate in creating dishe...
  • Alan Drobnak Discusses the Truth About Fluoride – E56

     Alan Drobnak left the marketing research world after 25 years to dedicate his time and efforts to assisting others to “wake up” during this time of planetary change and shifting consciousness. He is considered one of the leading experts on Fluoride. Drobnak discusses the history of Fluoride and how it was used in Nazi Germany, it’s evolution to the United States and its ultimate Federally mandated use in our drinking waters.