• FDA Issues First New Rules Under Food Safety Modernization Act: More Protection or More Control?

     Last Wednesday, the FDA released details on the agency’s first new rules under the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA). The FDA now has the authority to detain food products for 30 days simply because it has “reason to believe” they pose a threat to food safety. Signed into law by President Obama this past January, the FSMA gave the FDA new authority to oversee facilities that grow and sell the nation’s produce, including the power to issue mandatory food recalls. As we have seen the FDA’s overzealous raids on raw dairy farms even prior to the enactment of the FSMA, this raises concerns for increased abuse of power.

  • Food Integrity Now – Dave Gardner – GrowthBusters Documentary – E39

     We live in a global society that measures success on economic growth. But on a planet with limited resources, is that growth sustainable? Dave Gardner, documentary filmmaker of GrowthBusters, talks to us about taking on “City Hall, Wall Street, and The Pope as he questions society’s most fundamental beliefs about prosperity.”

    A major aspect of becoming a sustainable civilization is having a reliable food supply. Dave discusses how the signs are present calling for dramatic change. Will we wake up and step up to the challenge before it is too late?

  • Food Integrity Now – Equal Exchange – Chocolate and Child Slavery – E38
    At the root of our love affair with chocolate lies the bitter reality of child slavery. The Ivory Coast provides most of the world’s cacao, the beans out of which chocolate is made, often with the labor of children who have been lured away from their families. The corporations profiting ...
  • Food Integrity Now – Barbara Peterson – Farm Wars – E37
    The Food Integrity Now team talks with Barbara Peterson of Farm Wars.  Barbara created Farm Wars as an educational forum for those who wish to stay informed about the ever increasing bioengineering of our foods, the USDA’s current organic standards and other relevant issues which threaten t...
  • What You Need to Know About GMOs

     If you are not actively avoiding genetically-modified foods (GMOs), you are eating them every day. GMOs are in roughly 80 percent of packaged foods sold in the U.S. and Canada, according the Grocery Manufacturers Association. Studies indicate serious health risks are associated with GMO consumption, including infertility, accelerated aging, organ damage and birth defects. Want to know more? 

  • Food Integrity Now – Francis Mangels – Chemtrails – E36

     Francis Mangels, former USDA scientist and featured expert in the movie What In The World Are They Spraying?, joins us to talk about the controversial topic, chemtrails. Skeptics say that chemtrails are merely persistent contrails, but the conditions for which normal contrails to persist are very rare. Is something more going on? For years, geo-engineers have discussed using high altitude aerosol spraying to mitigate the effects of global warming. They just don’t admit that they are doing it. Francis states that geo-engineering is indeed occurring, and has the evidence to back it up.

  • Food Integrity Now – Rick Thomas – GMO Alfalfa – E35

     Rick Thomas of Holistic Nutrition 4U joins us to talk about the recent deregulation of GMO Alfalfa and it’s potential impact on our food system. Rick holds a PhD in Holistic Nutrition and actively counsels and lectures across the country on nutrition and nutritional healing. He discusses the contamination we can expect from GMO Alfalfa, as well as the negative effects of GMOs on the immune system. Rick also highlights ways to become active in spreading GMO awareness in your community.

  • Study shows most plastics (even BPA-free), leach hormone-like chemicals

     Think your BPA-free plastic water bottle is safe? A study in Environmental Health Perspectives shows that most of today’s plastics are still leaching hormone-like chemicals.

    Just a few years ago, BPA was all over the news because it was revealed that the chemical mimics estrogen. Many plastic food containers contained BPA in the formulation, and studies showed this chemical leached into the contents over time. Companies rushed to replace their plastic formulations with new chemicals, many them with lesser-known effects.

    It is still unknown the effects of these small amounts of estrogen-like chemicals on the human body, as most tests have been done on mice and lab rats. The study does not look into this, but focuses on revealing their presence in the products we purchase.

  • Food Integrity Now – Larry Jacobs – Jacob Farm/Del Cabo – E34

     Four years ago, Larry Jacobs, President of Jacobs Farm/Del Cabo, received an unfortunate phone call from Whole Foods. The retail giant notified him that it was rejecting the organic dill he had sold the chain because the herb had tested positive for pesticides. Jacobs’ response was “that’s not possible…I haven’t sprayed pesticides since I got sick spraying pesticides 40 years ago.”  As it turns out, Jacobs’ 120-acre herb farm, just north of Santa Cruz in Wilder Ranch State Park, was the victim of a hard-to-detect but relatively simple scientific process: Pesticides applied in liquid form to nearby brussel sprouts later evaporated and were carried in vapor, through wind or fog, to Jacobs’ dill.

  • Food Integrity Now – F. William Engdahl – Full Spectrum Dominance – E33
    In a previous episode, F. William Engdahl gave us a new perspective as he described how food has historically been used as a weapon, one made more insidiously effective with the development of genetic manipulation. In this episode, that perspective zooms out to reveal it’s place among other...