• Food Integrity Now – E03 – Ewell Culbertson of Pachamama Organic Farm
    On this show we feature special guest Ewell Culbertson of Pachamama Organic Farm of Longmont, CO. Ewell discusses the state of organic food, the importance of nutrient density on both produce and human beings, and new advances in organic farming. http://media.blubrry.com/foodintegritynow/p/conten...
  • Food Integrity Now – E02 – Big Corn
    Corn is in 70% of food products in the US today. At least 73% of it is genetically modified. Why should you care? In this episode, we discuss: Recent studies indicating infertility and organ damage caused by GM Corn Cross-contamination of fields and the legal strong-arming by Monsanto. The inter...
  • Food Integrity Now – E01 – Safety in Beef Processing Questioned
    In this show we discuss a New York Times article which examines the process of using ammonia to treat ground beef. We also discuss the effect of GMOs on cattle, Obama’s school lunch budget, and learn about chlorine used in the treatment of US poultry. http://media.blubrry.com/foodintegrityn...

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